It is real estate brokers and salespeople providing more choices for the public since 1994. Utilizing the powers of the Internet to reach the world instantly to serve and protect the public and do it all in a profitable manner compatible with our real estate industry.  

For The Real Estate Industry Worldwide to Serve The Public. Information, Technology Tools and ICIWorld and How to Use Them. Proven to work.

Provide a portal to world listings, Haves and Wants from YOUR real estate website.

Display Global Listings On Your Website From Other Brokers Sharing Them With You.

Designed for all brokers in the world to share each other real estate Haves and Wants.

And it gets better!

Details to add IDX Links on YOUR Real Estate Website.

The Listings, Have and Want real estate opportunities are structured in a way that people have to call you for more information.

We send the instructions for you to send to your website designer. DONE. The next person who visits your website and sees a listing has to call you!

If you do not have these links, an iDX link to Haves and Wants from other brokers who have agreed to allow you to display them, you are simply missing out and do not realize it.

Ask questions and for a demo please make an appointment. 

Full explanation.

Join and order them today within the hour.

No Website?
No Problem!

Have one up and running within 60 minutes.  Free for one month. 


Mobile Websites!
The new Internet Revolution in full swing.

Special from ICIWorld - three major world networks of listings, not just MLS.

ICIWorld is an official installer of the TRREB IDX Links for over ten years.

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Generate Referrals - Incoming and Outgoing

If there is one thing better than listing and selling real estate, it is referrals. Why? Because it takes an average of five minutes to do and one can make $3,000 to $10,000 and more.

One broker we know has done fifteen referrals. He made $45,000. And if you think about it, at five minutes each that was 75 minutes of time.  Another ICIWorld information tool we call "working smarter . . .  not harder. If you do not have you are missing doing referrals and deals and do not know it.  Now you do.

Incoming Referrals

How? When you share your listings on other brokers' websites, they trigger leads. 

That broker calls you to do referrals to you. 

2,000+ other brokers can do referrals to you.

The traffic that all brokers generate from each other's websites literally can eventually collect the interest from all buyers and sellers in the marketplace.

Our training programs are available in recorded Webinars conducted for real estate boards, associations and offices.

How to work exclusive real estate opportunities.

This gives you extra opportunities to generate revenue.

This provides more choices for the public.

Retired Brokers Program Outgoing Referrals

The only one like it of its kind in the world today that I know of.

Would you mind doing the odd five-minute referral that makes you $3,000 to $10,000 while you are retired?

Then do not give up your real estate license, take advantage of this program and have fun the rest of your life doing the odd referral and making $3,000 to  $10,000. One broker we know has done fifteen and made $45,000. Total time? 5 minutes x 15 = 75 minutes.

This is a one time setup. 

For brokers worldwide.


Referral Brokers Program Outgoing Regerrals

For Full AND Part-Time Agents. Generate outgoing referrals from leads generated by the listings from ICIWorld on YOUR website.

This is for full and part-time real estate brokers and salespeople.

Would you mind doing the odd five-minute referral from to time that makes you $3,000 to $10,000?

And . . . you are providing a great service for the public because they found out about the opportunity through your website.

And . . . full time brokers like it because you are doing a referral to them from a lead you generated.

Then this program is for you. A one time setup and it is working for you. 

For real estate brokers and salespeople worldwide.


Announcing over 400+ Real Estate EMail LIst Servers OnLine Now, working and being built.  Among the most comprehensive of EMail Servers ever built for the real estate industry and the public worldwide.

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You are dealing directly with a computer.

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Receive a daily Digest of residential listings, Haves and Wants, 50% exclusive for your city or region. 

Receive a daily Digest of commercial listings, Haves and Wants, 75% exclusive for your state or province.

Receive business opportunities in a Digest or by Keyword.

Other choices are available.

If you want to see the listings that get delivered see Search.

Choose by any country in the world, state, province, city, more. By property type. By keyword. By company (on request) By designation (on request)

Members can choose FSBOs (FOR SALE BY OWNER) 

Mailing lists can be built for your company, professional designation, association, group, etc.

New global EMail List Services Program for all major cities in the world. 200 EMail List Servers are being rebuilt, including all States in the USA, provinces in Canada, cities, other geographic areas, worldwide.

All listings added to ICIWorld get emailed out to the industry globally. All Haves and Wants to be placed today . . . start to deliver 12:00 AM daily.

Provided by The ICIWorld Society of Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople.

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