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How are brokers and salespeople making tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars and some over $1M?  Members of ICIWorld have now done sales of over $50M. All while helping the public create wealth through real estate.

Learn with these video recordings conducted for real estate offices, real estate boards and real estate associations.  Now you too can learn information technology and apply it to your real estate business to help your prospects and clients.

Here are some sample sales. All working exclusive types of real estate information.  May we help you with a testimonial? Join Today.

ICIWorld Educational Channel

Learn how brokers are making money working exclusive real estate information in addition to listings. 

Learn how you can have exclusive listings, Haves and Wants on your website. All in a way that YOU get the leads! 

Learn how to get a list of buyers or sellers within 3-7 seconds on your mobile device. All less than 90 days old!

Recorded Webinars that have helped brokers connect to make money.

Webinars On Demand See Featured Video 

Learn the three questions How To Work Exclusive Real Estate that helps brokers make tens of thousands of dollars.

Webinars conducted in real estate offices, real estate boards and for real estate associations. 

SEE COMMENTS of attendees of real estate associations, boards and companies.

Ask for a global Webinar for your real estate office, board, association or group.

Just need a date and time. We have the PowerPoint and ability to show live and with mobile devices how the Internet can work for all your salespeople.

Four Webinars

Includes "How To Promote Your Website." And receive a $100 at the end. (towards advertising)

Includes the orientation checklist. Fundamentals of networking real estate on mobile devices and computers. 

Learn the three questions that help brokers make tens of thousands of dollars. Learn how to work exclusive real estate opportunities in compliance with RECO and in a professional manner. 

Learn how to promote your website. What good is a website that has little or no traffic. 


Register and if you cannot make it, receive a copy of the Webinar Recording after the event.

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Informative, yes, good, great information, very informative, lots of information provided with web sites that are interesting, eye opener, lots of info, Gary Nusca, CCIM was very knowledgeable and easy to listen to, I enjoyed the course, I learned a lot, excellent, very informative

It is one thing to have information technology tools. It is quite another to know how to use them and make money.

Ask Us to Conduct A Webinar For Members of Your Real Estate Board, Association, Office.

This is information learned from the years of experience working with 1,000+ brokers one-on-one, daily. Gary Nusca, CCIM, CIPS BIO. We share it generously in the Webinar. Even though Gary has been a broker for 45+ years, please consider him as a personal marketing and information assistant to you and everyone in the real estate industry. 

Webinars are on-line workshops that help real estate brokers and salespeople learn the mobile global technology tools of the Internet, website lead generation tools, real estate networking concepts that are making brokers tens of thousands of dollars, hundreds of thousands. 

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Comments of Attendees Decision-makers should read the written comments of attendees. 

Sample Announcements of Past Webinars and Seminars

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Step 2: We will send you the announcement by EMail that you can forward to your members. DONE. That's it. Your job is done.

Your members register on their own and attend on their own.

If someone cannot attend, you can mention to them that as long as they register they will receive a copy of the recording of the Webinar after the event. 

There is no limit on attendees. (10,000) This is a global service since 1994 with the ultimate goal to have every member have all the listings worldwide in one button that can easily be added onto existing salespeople's websites. See We teach how this generates referrals and how to do them. 

Webinars and seminars are conducted for members of real estate boards and associations and are $3,000+expenses to attend with no advertising.  However, if you allow us to do a 7 minute commercial on our services and mention it from time to time, the webinar is free. 

Call or EMail Diana 905-577-5600.

Information At Your Fingertips

Information is gold on the Internet. Learn how to search every few days for new real estate Have and Want information that can make you money.

Watch a recording from our booth at one of the best Real Estate Trade Shows in the world. Realtor Quest. Presented by the new Toronto Regional Real Estate Board.

And watch to the end as you see how listings, Haves and Wants can be added to YOUR website to trigger leads for YOU. It is absolutely inevitable. Otherwise, you are missing opportunities to trigger leads and to do referrals, as well as business.

Let us give you a demonstration and then you be the judge! 

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There are over 4 billion people on the Internet. We've been here on the Internet since 1994 building roots just like a tree with links to the Haves and Wants of members that trigger leads to make money.

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