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Advanced Search Database2 FSBOs. Full access for Members Only. All listings are dated. Experience shows that sometimes even listings from five years ago can be active. One doctor still looking for a Medical Bldg and purchasing having bought two since the first posting. All listings are dated.

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Subscribe/Unsubscribe to receive listings by EMail. Recommend one for residential. One for commercial. Two examples, Ontario Commercial, GTA Residential. Florida Commercial, Miami Area Residential. Make a 15 min. appointment for assistance.

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One item, for instance, check new listings on your phone daily. It should only take you 3-7 seconds. Ready, set, go. Can't do it? Make a fifteen appointment.

All Members Should Have Fifteen Opportunities To Do Business Working 24/7

All members should have a minimum of fifteen Have and Want opportunities working 24/7 all less than 90 days old. Learn this and more, see the videos on the Learn Page.

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ICIWorld has created an ICIWorld Group Members Page on Facebook for commercial real estate. Members of ICIWorld can add listings, Haves and Wants to the Facebook Page.

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You can listen to the video while following the orientation print out.


The orientation pdf file 8 pages are like a pilot's checklist for a broker to ensure that you are either making money every 90 days or at the very least triggering leads that you feel will lead to doing business someday.

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How To Place A Want

Read the subject line help when entering a listing.

You must place the word Wanted at the beginning of the subject line for Wants.

Make sure you place the four ingredients in the subject line.

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How To Place A Have

Read the suject line help when entering a listing.

Make sure you place the four ingredients in the subject line.

Learn how to use the Internet links box to link to an economic development office of a city hall that helps to sell the location of your properties.

Learn how to link to the listing on your website.

Make a picture appear in your ad.

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Subscribe to all services to keep in touch. 

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Recommend someone to check out ICIWorld and they join AND they mention your name, your renewal can become $240 rather than $319. AND . . . the person that you referred can join for $240 as long as they mention your name.

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Additional recommendations we add three months onto your membership renewal. 

Our Pledge

To ensure you are making money or at the least triggering leads every 90 days. Give us a chance to help. If you have a flat tire in your car, you do not abandon the car, you get it fixed. Call us.

If you miss one item in our instructions, for instance, you can be missing doing deals and not realize it.

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